Brown Paperbag Comics

By Ananya Majumdar (L&T MHPS)

Brown Paperbag is an Indian webcomic series by Sailesh Gopalan, following the lives of characters like Kabir, a stereotypical angsty teenage boy; his sister Ananya, the notorious second child; their parents, the ever-furious Ma and the nonchalant sleepyhead Pa; and so many others around them.

Here’s a glipmse into his work. Some of would have already seen his works in The Hindu – Sunday Magazine.

Its Mother’s Day on the 12th of May and this one is dedicated to all the mothers in the world without whom life is incomplete.

Have your plans ever been cancelled cause one random person was not free?

Do we really have the freedom of speech and expression in the present day?

We must appreciate each other’s choices for others to appreciate us !

Can’t we give respect to all woman like we give to our sisters?


Dedicated to all the footballers out there…

Mom’s can be really unreasonable at times !

Birthday’s can be a nightmare for some.

Typical !!!!

If you have enjoyed the comics, you can read the webcomic on Instagram and Facebook.

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