Growing Up with Siblings

By Barath S. (L&T RBG)

While most of us have probably joked about how great it would be to have grown up as an only child, if we are being totally honest, we know that our childhoods would have been significantly less fun without our brothers and sisters.

They may have constantly laid the blame on you in front of your parents, and borrowed your things without asking, but hey.., you still love them despite all their annoying tendencies.

That being said, here are 15 few tweets that you will relate to, if you have siblings..

1. Turning into your fault

2. Midnight Talk

3. Lifelong thing

4. Disrespectful

5. Trigger

6. Evolution of Parents

7. Telling on you

8. Irritating someone for no reason

9. Deviating from the script

10. Strange

11. WWE re-enactment

12. Simple conversations

13. Ending Fights

14. Time Capsule

15. Eating out of the fridge

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