Restaurant Review – Odeon Social (CP)

by: Nair Akshay (L&T TIIC)

So, you’re at the location, following google maps and you encounter a 30s like theater architecture with the sign “Odeon Social” on it. Being in the heart of Delhi, Odeon cinema was one of the major attractions, that had established itself as a landmark in the city. Since the franchise of cinemas took over, odeon social stuck to the old look, and continues to portray the vintage cinema feel.

Odeon Social, inspired its design the way places used to be in CP. It transports you back to the time where things were slow and basic, and gentle socializing meant chit-chatting over endless cups of chai/ coffee. The space takes you back to an era where people waited for the mail, booked trunk calls to relatives in another state and used whiteners over typewriter errors. Social is about reviving the cafe and bar culture of connaught place, and we wish that it succeeds in it’s landmark legacy.

And for the food, you’ll find an improvised platter with a unique blend of excellent recipe and astonishing presentation. Having tried a variety of the menu, it’s quite a worth to experiment and try on some new dishes. Well you may have a hard time though, in order to resist yourself from capturing some of the dishes and beverages photos and post it to social media. For we all have a guy or two who we want to flaunt our day to, right?

Given for the staff, the bartenders, waiters are cooperative, service is good, in addition to that they can really suggest you for orders and what to try out according to you personal preferences. That’s something that I can count on at a new place. The fun part about social is, that it’s not that expensive, despite being in CP, that secludes it out of the rest.

that definitely calls for a #thandi_beer!

Odeon social, definitely a big thumbs up for a fine diner, and a cool place to hang out at. Be it be friends night, family gathering or a professional meeting, suits me anytime.
Have you been there? If not, will you? Share your experiences in the comments.

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