Why are we all living?

By Amit Ahuja (L&T-MHPS)

It is a very interesting question, the answer of which depends from person to person. World is an amalgamation of various religions and beliefs. In addition, thoughts or views of individual are different from each other.  Here I am presenting my views for the same.

Let’s start in a very general way, all of us know that we will get hungry again, but still we eat breakfast, lunch or dinner because nobody eats in order to be full forever. We eat because we are hungry at that moment. On a similar note, we should live the present moment without thinking about death. Hence, we have to create a meaning of our lives.

When a person is born, he/she is a clean slate. Based on our surroundings and learning interpretation, he/she starts creating his/her own meaning of life and lives the same. We all have limited time and the most interesting part is that nobody knows for how long he/she will live. Humans have a chance to live a better life compared to so many other living creatures on earth. So, without thinking about death, one should live his/her life to the fullest by just keeping in mind that human being is the best creation of God and our actions should be up to that standard only.

At last, remember that this is the time to connect to yourself, realise yourself, realise God within you and complete the purpose of human birth. 

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