Endless Wait Is Like An Addiction…

By Ananya Majumdar (L&T MHPS)

I must have told this to you so many times, and I repeat it yet again. There is  certain charm in waiting. After a long wait, when “the text”  finally arrives, the happiness that we get is priceless. 

As I lay on my bed wide-awake, various thoughts cross my mind. My mind starts spinning its own story as I wait for the response to a text that I had sent sometime back – “Why didn’t the text get delivered? Or did it?” WhatsApp has its own nuances. “Did he read the text? Did he read and yet not reply? Is he avoiding me? Am I being subjected to ghosting? Does he not want to talk to me anymore?..” Interestingly, the Science of spirituality has revealed that our automatic thoughts are more negative and that some of them can be absolutely baseless. We tend to have certain cognitive distortions within ourselves that force us to “Mind read”, “Personalise”, “Generalise”, “Catastrophise”, etc. (I don’t want to start my MBA gyan again.)

Once you have shut yourself off from the world of smartphone, you can only contemplate what is happening in the background- “Will he text me and make my morning happy? Or will my wait continue?..”

There was a time when Gtalk messenger was so much in use. A green light glowed beside the names of your contacts who were online. A smile would  automatically adorn your face when the person whom you were waiting for was also online. Now imagine, if we are always online then will there be any wait involved? Not really, I guess. But, then again, what if we are online and hope that a notification from someone will pop up. There is certain thrill involved in this wait as well. Have I told you, “You are my favourite notification!”

As I was waiting, my mind drifted again in a different direction. Soon, there will come a time when we will not wait for texts from each other. Days will turn into weeks and weeks into months and months into years. And one fine day you will suddenly get a mail in your inbox from a name long forgotten, wishing you happy birthday. As the name flashes , you will start reminiscing about all those lovely moments spent together many years ago… Is the wait then worth it?

Next morning:

“Hey… Good morning!!!


Are you there?”

                                    “Oh yes… Good morning!!!”

“Where are you lost?”

                                    “If I get lost, I would lose you too…

                                    Can I risk it?”

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Sandeep Dahiya

You made me remember Orkut, Gtalk days. Beautiful days those!!