Parents and Technology

By Barath S. (L&T RBG)

We can all agree that the technology is changing so fast, even we are having a hard time coping up. Imagine how hard it could be on our parents and grandparents. Respect to those who wish to learn and use new technologies. I know so many people who are just too afraid of trying, they’ll say, they don’t need it.

But It’s always cute how they try to use new technology and their innocence might put a smile on us sometimes..

Never forget that they taught us the basic living skills, and its always our responsibility to teach them about the new technologies with patience.

1. I think all moms type like this..

2. Grandpa needs a bigger screen..

3. Grandma showing how she zooms in with an iPhone..

4. The original spellchecker..

5. Finding Grandma in your mom’s laptop as her wallpaper..

6. Grandma needed to fix the mouse because everything moved backwards..

7. Grandma showing her favorite websites..

8. Being polite to Google..

9. Grandma didn’t know how to use the remote. So had to improvise..

10. Mom said the computer is too slow, she can’t even search..

11. Somebody bought their Mom an iPad and had a chance to engrave it..

12. Grandma thought that iPad was a cutting board..

13. Mom learns hashtagging..

14. Grandpa said that the outside clock is always wrong..

15. Trying to share us their happiness in picture..

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