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Vandana Singh CTP-14

Dear Reader,

What is the essence of freedom to you? Well that’s quite the big question. Isn’t it ? I think that most of the answers that revolve around choice and responsibility-hit the nail on the head.

It fosters the most invigorating feeling in life . We live in a FREE country. We are FREE to practice the religion we choose. We are FREE to marry the person we choose. We are free to serve our country with honour in the armed forces. We are FREE to make the decisions that are the best for our family.

The freedom to do so certainly started with our forward-thinking founding fathers. They set forth a whole new way of being, and living, with independence.

A true feeling of independence starts with an energy, a force that fuels and pervades  knowledgeability of human spirit, a spirit that manifests as personal power, something that is at times forgotten or lost in the chaos of the daily grind. To my way of thinking, this personal sovereignty is a combination of both mindset and sense, that reminds us of who we are meant to be.

As, Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘Freedom battles are not fought without paying heavy prices.’

With the scrapping of Article 370, the Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir now officially becomes an integral part of India. It shall have no extra benefits or undue advantages over other Indian states. It shall have no separate constitution, no independent flag and no jurisdiction in matters of defence and external affairs.

Hopefully the Indian flag shall be raised  in Jammu&Kashmir, this 15th of August.

As we celebrate 73rd Independence Day, we bring you various  essence of freedom with this edition. Like , share  and  comment on the articles. Give us your valuable feedback-Enlightenment@larsentoubro.com  

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