Free to be you

By Ayesha Huma- CTP-14

The sun waiting to be engulfed in the vast territory of sea, I was not yet done with the conversations of
thoughts. A week away from mundane of work in the peaceful ambience of beach. Sea waves running
back and forth, taking away a part of sand every-time. My therapist had emphasised on “INNER PEACE”.
And here I was, constantly battling with my dark self, the aspect called “depression” for almost 2 years
now, sitting in the most serene environment a person could hope for, still not reaching the boundary of
that “inner peace”.
I see the seagull marvellously touching the surface and then spreading its wings flying with the freedom
it was born with. Yes, that’s the necessary ingredient to life, FREEDOM. Of all the lives virtues I miss
after being held into depression, freedom was something I most longed for. Once your mind starts
meddling, you no longer hold the liberty to be yourself. Not being able to think what you want. Rather
there’s this master thought ruling your mind, snatching away precious hours of life which, they say, you
get once.
People usually talk of rights and freedom as something very extrinsic and dealing with external world.
What we fail to realize is freedom necessarily is the state of being.
A cancer patient would give anything to buy the leisure hours at his/her dispense with his/her people.
An insomniac wants to rule his times of dreaming and resting. How badly would you want to break the
shackles that hold you back and live your life freely sans the dark thoughts that characterise depression?
What good is the independence of life when you are slave to your own thoughts? What worth is serene
beauty of the world when the inside is in turmoil? What meaning Freedom holds when you are enslaved
to your own self?

I see the sun drowning in the sea, loosing itself in the vast stretch, as I search for myself amidst the
voices in my head.

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Rohit Kumar


Sahiba Ishtyak

Dude..great writing!!👌

Sandeep Dahiya

Brilliant Writing !!!