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Aditya Singh, L&T MHPS

You may be successful in professional life and holding esteemed degrees but do you remember what were you taught in school? The answer seems to be a probable Yes but is it the case? Lets just check it out.

But if you find yourselves failing the quiz, revisiting the primary school books won’t be a bad idea.

Q.1 How many nouns are there in the following sentence
” The rabbit ran to the cafeteria and ate a big salad”

  • A.2
  • B.3
  • C.4
  • D.5

Q.2 What unit of measurement is abbreviated “oz”

  • A. Ounces
  • B. Pounds
  • C. Litres
  • D. Oblongs

Q.3 Which one of these is a mammal

  • A seahorse
  • B sea lion
  • C sea urchin

Q.4 The moon casts a shadow on the earth during the

  • A Lunar Eclipse
  • B Half moon
  • C Solar Eclipse
  • D New Moon

Q.5 Neptune appears blue in colour due to presence of which gas in its atmosphere?

  • A oxygen
  • B Helium
  • C Nitrogen
  • D Methane

Q.6 According to the Nursery rhyme Jack and Jill, where did Jack injure himself

  • A. Head
  • B. Elbow
  • C. Knee
  • D. Toe

Q.7 Moonlight is actually reflected sunlight.

  • A True
  • B False

Q.8 Which of the following causes Chicken pox

  • A Protozoa
  • B Virus
  • C Bacteria

Q.9 What is the capital of Lakshadweep

Q.10 Which is the hardest tissue in human body

Q.11 Which SAARC nation has a capital whose name mentions a religion?

Q 12 According to Hindu tradition, who was the father of Emperor Bharat, after whom India received its name?

Q.13 Which is the only mammal that can fly?

Q.14 In terms of average depth, which is the deepest ocean in the world

Q.15 How many fundamental duties are there in the constitution of India


  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. D
  6. A
  7. A
  8. B
  9. Kavaratti
  10. Tooth Enamel
  11. Pakistan
  12. Dushyant
  13. Bat
  14. Pacific ocean
  15. Eleven(11)

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