Because, You Are Worth It!

By Nishtha Garg, (L&T MHPS Boilers, Hazira)

Have you ever waited for somebody to come online on WhatsApp, while you gaze at their display picture and eagerly wait for that tick to be converted to blue? Do you desperately wait for that special one to read your text? Do you ever keep yourself completely available for someone, in case he/she changes their mind and confirms that they will meet you? Do you give him/her more attention than what you actually receive? And, have your ever cried in pain, when you heart aches thinking that why don’t you ever receive the love that you give to people?

Come on, some of us are going through this right now and some of us already have in our lives. It changes you, although it makes you stronger. It kills your innocence making you doubt all those people who love you genuinely. We give so much love and invest our feelings in the wrong people, only to be hurt and when the right one comes along, we doubt the whole concept of love. Listen to this, all of us are lonely deep down, we want love, we crave love but you don’t need to settle down for someone who doesn’t deserve your love. Know your worth!

Picture this. You have this person (be it male/female) in your life, he/she is successful, has a handsome package, is good looking, like really good looking, works out, plays sports, belongs to a good family, has a good physique, well educated, well dressed etc., in short, he/she is a perfect person to be with. You guys hit it off well and initially it was all good. In fact, in a long time, someone has made you feel special. You’re together now and mutually fond of each other. But over time he/she takes a long time to reply to your texts, his/her calls to you have reduced, his/her Good Mornings and Good Nights have turned to excuses like, “Sorry babe, I was running late for work”, “,Come on, I was dead tired to text you, why don’t you understand?”. His/her plans to meet up will suddenly get cancelled with excuses like, “Sorry, something urgent has come up.”

Amidst all this, you suddenly find yourself putting in an extra effort. You are the only one, calling and texting, basically you are the only one trying to make this work. And because his/her interest in you has reduced, your interest in him/her has increased. You are trying to save this one relationship which felt so good, after all those morons you have met in your life, after all those disappointments and tears and fake promises you went through.

You have already forgotten your worth! The right relationship will ease things for you and not make it complicated. When the feelings are mutual, the effort will be mutual. This person maybe the perfect recipe for a great relationship but the most important thing is that they should want you just like the way you want them.

You are worth all the love in this world. You deserve to be loved, just like the way you love a person, irrespective of your appearance. Trust me, your appearance has got nothing (absolutely nothing!) to do with the amount of love you deserve. The prettiest individual can be worth nothing to their partner and on the other hand, the most average looking person can be their partner’s world. It’s all about the attitude. I know, it’s a cliché, right? But it’s true.

Love yourself in such a way that you don’t need anybody. You are sufficient for yourself. Vibe with only those kind of people, who don’t disturb your peace of mind. And, when the right one comes along, expect them to love you just like the way you do. If you receive anything less than that, let it go. It will hurt, it will pain but it will be right for you in the long run.

You don’t have to make them the centre of your world, they should only remain a part of it. You don’t have to kill your ambitions and hobbies. You need to love yourself first and then them. You don’t have to forget your friends and they should always be an important part of your life.

Please note, if not today, then one day, you will meet the one, with whom falling in love will not seem like a job. You won’t have to play games and it will flow naturally. Till then, don’t settle for anything less!

Because, you’re totally W____________ It!  (fill this space in your head and let it stay forever)

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