Editor’s Letter

Aditya Singh , L&T MHPS

विद्वत्वं च न्रुपत्वं च नैव तुल्यम् कदाचन |
स्वदॆशे पॉज्यते राजा विद्वान् सर्वत्र पॉज्यते ||

Vidvatvam cha nrupatvam cha naiva tulyam kadaachana |Swadeshe poojyatee raajaa vidvaan sarvatra poojyatee ||

Knowledge and Royalty cannot be weighed together.
King is worshiped in his own land where as a learned man is worshiped everywhere.

Dear Reader,

As the month of September brings along with it Teacher’s day, a question arises whether we have learnt what our teachers wanted us to. That’s a thing to ponder about. Let me leave the thought to hover above your head.

A person ceases to exist as soon as he stops learning. But learning never stops as long as he breathes. A baby cries as soon as he is born but as he grows the tears brim the heart but his eyes don’t flood that often. This is how we grow and learn. Afterall all living is learning. It may be spiritual, educational, psychological or in any other form.

In the world of everchanging technology in the universe, we need to keep on learning. So that we may not have to share the interview waiting room with the robots. Jokes apart, not only for survival but promise yourselves to learn what you always wanted to but haven’t been able to do so. And not only for yourselves, learn things to help others too. In case if you think there is not much that you don’t know, please ensure that the content in the following link is also a part of your armour.


Lets hope the coming time sees our economy claiming heights again and so may Chandrayaan 2 ,regaining communication with Vikram (Lander). With Gandhi Jayanti marking the anniversary of Swachh Bharat mission, let us also continue playing our crucial part in keeping our country clean. So lets live together, grow together and learn together.

Enjoy the learning as we bring about yet another beautiful edition that comprises not only articles, pictures but also “Guru gyaan” from some of the “top brass” of L&T that will definitely inspire you to learn.

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Well done Aditya !!!