Usual Day Which Was Not So Usual

By Sujith Mohandas(L&T MHPS)

All the characters described in this article are a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real-life incident is not to be taken up against the writer as it is quite common for it to happen in real life. Please do excuse the poor humor though for such a ‘serious article’.

It was just another day at college. I got up in the morning , took a bath and had breakfast which was bread and butter obviously. The funny story is whenever the mess guy used to ask what would I like to have for breakfast , I would say the usual. As if he had something else for my plate, other than the usual. But it did make me feel as if I was in an upscale restaurant and the waiter used to always confirm whether I wanted the usual or something different. Keep on, dreaming boy.

So after my ‘usual’ breakfast from the ‘upscale’ mess, I started walking towards my college from the hostel for classes with my friends. The distance from my hostel to my college was just about 2 km. The time was 8.45 am and the class used to start at 9.  We applied our engineering skills and realized a brisk walk would do. The next time I saw my watch it was 8.55 am and we were still at the half-way mark. The brisk walk had to be turned to a run and after 2 minutes to a full-scale sprint. I wonder whether I could have broken Usain Bolt’s record that day.

After a triumphant walk/run/sprint we reached the class at 9.05 am. No so triumphant, after all. So we settled down and I took the usual front seat. My friends occupied the back seats which made them call themselves the royal backbenchers. I wonder what was so royal in that. Maybe, they slept royally like Kumbhkarana at the back seats. I do miss that sometimes.

Now, you must be wondering why I always sat at the front seat. Was I a Padpist(friends used to call me that along with many other awesome nicknames, a nerd in English)! Well, you can say 75% of it was true. Rest 25% was for the reason which just entered the class after I settled down. As soon as the 25% entered the class, the whole class started giving me a sly look. I wonder how all of my class got to know about it. I just used to mention the 25% to my friends only a couple of times in an hour. It was not too much, I guess.

So as the 25%(percentage could be higher) settled down on the seat just next to me which was done every single day, everything started going around me in slow motion, not the Matrix way but the ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hain Rahul, Tum Nahi samjhoge’ way. Then suddenly a friend of mine scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it over to me. After reading the idea which he suggested me in that paper, I felt enlightened. He wrote, “Ask for the number!”.  What a genius! If he would have applied so much of his brain in studies he would have cleared his 5 backlogs by then.

Asking for the number would be a great idea if I had thought about it instead of my friend recommending it to me. So I thought about it and I decided to execute the idea. So I initiated the plan and asked the 25% “Can I get the number?” 25% replied with the most romantic three-word sentence – “Excuse me please!”. Immediately, experiencing the so-called positive vibes I replied – “The page number where the class ended yesterday”. 25% gave a confused smile and gave me the precious detail which I asked for. How romantic!

Later after the first session, the brilliant idea again popped up in my brain. See, there are certain types of hormones which pressurize you to do such brilliant things. Don’t ask me the name of the hormones. So I that time I asked to 25% – “Can I have the number?”. This time, the 25% replied – “Which Number are you talking about?”. So as a genius as I was, I replied – “the number I have been yearning to get!”. 25% again with the sentence of the most romantic three word- “Excuse me please!” I said- “The number which you got as an answer for the mechanic’s problem you solved for the test.” 25% again with the most ‘romantic’ confused smile gave me the answer. I finally decided to drop the idea after the so-called successful execution of it.

After the class got over for all of us, the royal backbenchers after royally sleeping in the class started leaving the class. The 25%, maybe 20% then. No, let’s keep it 25%, asked for a notebook of mine. I gave it and 25% started writing something at the back of the book. After that, 25% gave me my book and again giving the same confusing ‘romantic’ smile, left the classroom. I was wondering whether the brilliant idea just got executed to perfection. So with my hands shaking and my forehead sweating, I read what was written.

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