Gone are the days…

By- Ayesha Huma (CTP 14)

A lazy weekday morning hour. Sipping my tea, struggling to keep my eyes open, I get a full glance of a fresh morning from the balcony. Still an hour to go before I pick myself up and embrace for a mundane day at work, I enjoy the leisure time at hand and feel the fresh ambiance outside.  A bunch of kids accompanied by their parents making their way to school evidently immerse me into the nostalgia of the days I and most of us have lived a long time ago. I hear a lad merrily mention something about “Teacher’s Day” and that’s when I check my phone to see the date. Yeah, it actually is 5th of September. A day which meant celebrations and candies for almost 15 years, now fails to even register itself in the daily notice of fast pacing world.

How many times is enough iterating that no one likes being adults? How many of us will agree that  little are we happy with the unavoidable process of growing up leaving a part of us behind. School, High School, College, how many of us actually could draw a line between being considered kids and being fully qualified to be called adults? It all just appears to be a hazy process to me. When did the Summer Vacations pack its bag and vacate our lives? When did stepping outside to play at 5 get replaced with entering home at 9 after a hectic day? When did people designated as “teachers” and “classmates” become less of everyday faces and more of forgotten contacts in phones. Days like 26th Jan, 15th Aug and obviously the 14th Nov loose the charm they once victoriously held as a day of celebrations and fervor.

Yeah, No questions on that. Life now seems pretty dull and really does not hold a lot of promises ahead. Wouldn’t we all agree that we have already had the best of the moments and not more than nostalgia remains which comes in handy as a sweet past to be recalled? But there’s not much we can do about it, I have come to accept.

I guess perspective will come if we embrace the fact that there’s this thing as “phase of life”. School and College were one of the many phases life had and has in store.

The present, that officially can be said to be void of frolic which we have already lived, is just another.  As long as we let the soul be alive which taps its feet at the beats of an old song and find a way to let the child in us remain at a safe corner of the heart, which comes jumping at the site of rain ready to dance, I guess it won’t be much difficult to appreciate the life we have got.

 We need to find sometime for ourselves among the chaos of necessities and responsibilities, and we will realise life is more than getting through the day. It never serves to live in the past, holding onto it and admiring its charisma. Because the more we are drawn towards what we had, the less are we able to explore the possibility of could be.

The best lesson life has taught us about itself, “It goes on….”

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This article was like a balm on my sore thoughts. India indeed has got Talent. Keep it up writer.