Message from our Campus Gurus

“Our good communication and learning with high motivation leads all members to the bright future.”

– Shigeharu Kokuryo, Chief Operating Officer, LMB

“The strength of one’s character is put to test in times of adversity. Stand firm to your value systems come what may”   

– Saurabh Indwar, EVP & Grp Chief Executive (Designate), LMB

“ One important lesson I learnt in my early years itself was the importance to always stay positive, energetic & focussed, more so during difficult times…these coupled with high self belief & confidence, have been key for me to be able to tide through difficult situations, as and when they have come. If one can consciously adopt these in life & daily work, further life would be, as I have found, less stressful as well” 

– Pawan K Mehndiratta, Chief Executive, L&T Howden

I liked a quote from Mahatma Gandhi ” Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live for ever”. LMB will excel with sharp minds of its human resource & we need to hone it constantly. Let’s keep learning & continue to be a learning organisation, as we are in a high technology business. Wish happy learning…..

– D. K. Chaudhuri, Head of Projects, LMB

“Competitiveness calls for innovation the only way to survive in the market is to innovate and implement in the fastest manner possible, so as to keep ahead of your competitors.”

– Chinna Rao Kotagiri, Head – Engineering, LMB

Stay Relevant | Stay Ahead | Stay Connected

– Sunil Kumar Gupta, Head of Projects, LMB

“The quest to know is perpetual. Learning and development methodology facilitates acquisition of knowledge, skill and attitude that is contemporary and future ready. LMB has been very focussed since inception by continuously striving for self-dependency through learning, absorption of technology and processes improvement thereby resulting in engineering, manufacturing and execution excellence. We have a robust blend of individual development programmes facilitating all rounded professional and personal development. On Teacher’s Day we express happy learning to all and special thanks to our learning gurus for driving this mission.”

– Prem Prakash Akhauri, Head – HR, Editor-in-chief – Enlightenment.

“Mindset is the key to everything and the right mindset can help you achieve anything”

– Anil Kumar Jain, Head – Supply Chain Management, LMB

“Life is full of opportunities & obstacles and behind every obstacle there is a hidden opportunity, one should try to tap the opportunity to make life cheerful”  

– Deepak Raj Jain, CFO – LMB

“Knowledge is the best tool to mould situations we are living in the way we want them.”

– Asutosh Khandelwal, Head – Quality, LMB

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