Section 375- Movie Review

Aditya Singh – L&T MHPS

Law is fact, justice is an abstract. Section 375 is a drama that will make you think, learn, question, and at last applaude. The movie starts with a rape scene involving a celebrated Bollywood director and a budding costume assistant. From the victim to the accused, from the police to the neighbors, everyone has a version ,all of them have made a judgment and the entire country wants the accused to be punished by death. The truth is yet to be decided. Is she really raped or is everything a very well made up story ? The drama begins when the case reaches the courtroom where two friend cum foe lawyers get into a verbal combat for their their clients.

Akshaye Khanna plays the Criminal lawyer Tarun Saluja and Richa Chadda , Public prosecutor Hiral Mehta. The movie analyzes the details of Section 375 of Indian Penal code and defines what really a rape is. It is not simply just a violent sexual act. It can be more than that. The script makes sure there is less drama and more verbal engagement. There are no forced songs in the screenplay, infact there is no song.

Writer Manish Gupta and director Ajay Bahl deserve praise for holding your one’s attention right from the opening scene till the end. The dialogues are brilliantly written and the courtroom scenes are so realistic, you actually feel like sitting in that room being a part of all that drama.

Of the cast, Akshaye Khanna who has never got his dues proves yet again his acting skills as the defence lawyer who knows the law and talks through his experience. It doesn’t seem that he is an actor but a lawyer. Richa Chadha is no less brilliant as the opposing prosecutor. Marathi actor Kishore Kadam and the ever graceful Krutika Desai are absolutely natural as the judges. Rahul Bhat does justice to his small role as the rape accused. Meera Chopra has also lend a good support to the main cast.

Section 375 is as real as it gets. More importantly, it has a very significant lesson to tell. Dont miss the film!!

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Sagnik Biswas

Shout out to you for the excellent review without giving out any spoiler! This is how I like them – short and to the point, outlining the key aspects to fuel the interest!