He and She

By Priyarupa Sinha (L&T-MHPS)

He and She are born ;

She is a cause of dismay,

He is a reason for celebration.

He and She go to school together ;

She is a cross to bear,

He is a reason for great pride.

He and She enroll in a college together;

She is unworthy,

He is meritorious.

He and She establish an organisation together;

She is ruthlessly ambitious,

He is a go-getter.

He and She make decisions together;

She is high and mighty;

He is a resolute.

He and She achieve success together;

She is an aide,

He is the prime mover.

He and She smoke and drink to celebrate together;

She is indecent,

He is social.

He and She sleep together;

She is feckless and dissolute,

He is a MAN.

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Nijeesh Padmanabhan

Good. Keep it up!

Sandeep Dahiya

What a brilliant piece of Writing Priya…