Solitude of Autumn…

By Ayesha Huma CTP 14

It’s that time of year again. The blowing wind not warm but crisp, rustling the autumn leaves. The leaves which turn to mystical golden or, to say aptly, loose their signature green ready to detach from the extended society of green members and get swirked and carried. It’s intriguing how Autumn comes to be called “Fall”. The leaves once fallen get picked by the pacing carrier, get dropped at entirely foreign spots only to get carried again. 

The one companion I long for during this festival of Autumn is solitude. The bliss of sitting in the balcony on October mornings with thoughtful words of wary minds and a steaming cup of tea, introspecting life in general and self in particular. Autumn also means peaceful evenings to wander sans destination and then slide into the corner seat of a café, observing the unfamiliar faces get on with their familiar lives. All this by myself. Ever since an early age we are taught the concept of a partner. That being alone is pitiful and we need someone throughout our lives to complete us. I suspect the conclusive point of life should be that we all are quite enough for ourselves and seclusion is a bliss to connect to with the one who matters the most. Our own being.

More like a detached autumn leaf. Oblivious to its fate yet knowing it will be recollected once it falls. No matter how lone it is, all it does it go with the flow. This ritual of fall comes in our lives as well. And the hope of being picked up again is what makes us endure. 

Autumn  might be regarded as the harbinger of winter gloom. But don’t you think the deserted, dried fallen leaves look more serene than the green branches? That isolation brings peace and solace even though with some hues of mourn? Quite contrary to P B Shelley’s hopes in words “if winter comes can spring be far behind” why should we dread the advent of winter when the autumn  is just as beautiful. 

                                      Of all the things and times I hold dear

                                      Some of few and none of all

                                      Blowing chill and dusky sky

                                      Snapped on polaroid memories of last fall. 

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Sagnik Biswas

Your take on solitude is really something to ponder upon.

Ayesha Huma

Thank you sir 🙂