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Mayank Jain (L&T MHPS)

Dear Readers,

This month of the year brings two things for all us – relief from the never-ending summers and second one, which is the most important, is festivals. Yeah, Navratri (and with that, Dandiya is the most obvious things that comes to our mind), Dussehra, Durga Puja, Diwali and what not. This month is the month of festivals (and more holidays)

But jokes apart, we all really love festivals, isn’t it? In this fast moving world, where people are staying far away from their families, festivals are the only time of the year when we get some time off from our busy lives and can visit and spent some quality time with our families. Some poet has described in the this way –

पता नही किस मोड़ पर

आ गयी है जिंदगी ,

अपने ही घर जाने के लिए

त्यौहारो का सहारा लेना पड़ता है।

These words are really deep. Where exactly are we going? Running after our ambitions, we have come too far that our families, friends, relatives seems very distant to us. Festivals tell us that real happiness comes when we are with our loved ones. Will dandiya be that joyful if our friends are not with us? Think of it.

On similar terms, if we have a responsibility towards our families, we have another one which is very much important these days and will be in future, i.e. our responsibility towards nature, the environment. We all want to celebrate the festival of lights but is that celebration be possible only if we burn crackers. Isn’t decorating our homes with candles, diyas, lights be enough?

The day after diwali, we all could feel the effect of our celebration affecting us back. The air pollution which we do in the name of celebration becomes a headache for us only. Whom we can blame then? There is nobody. It is us only who make our lives hell ourselves. It takes weeks, or sometimes months for the environment to get back to its normal (which I guess never happens 100%). Some setback is always there.

So, I request you all to celebrate the festival in the right manner. Spend time with your family, go for shopping, decorate your house, or do what makes you feel good but not at the cost of putting a black hole in the environment.

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