Junk Dream

By Sagnik Biswas (L&T-MHPS)

So I was walking down the lane when this dog
Came up to me, all bubbly, doing a jog.
A creamy white lad,
And oh! So much glad
To see the human appear outta the smog.

“Howdy, little fella?”, so I greeted.
He was jumping up and down – so excited!
Sniffed my leg a bit
May be expected a treat?
And said, “Hey mate, you newly recruited?”

Shocked to the shell, then I gasped!
The language barrier – collapsed?!
My jaw must have dropped
As the way then he laughed
At my sanity getting slowly relapsed.

“Who are you?”, I asked and he chuckled.
I felt my confidence slowly buckled.
“Well, now you stand
In Despairland,
Meeting Dharma, The Dog!”, he cackled.

Wait, Dharma and Despair do not pair!
So there might still be a chance to dare
To understand the trick,
And get outta this flick,
‘Cos I had very little time to spare.

So I called him out on that, oh I did!
And would you believe? It really turned up the heat!
“You bloody trimmed ape
Brain like a grape!
YOU PUT ME HERE!!”, out he screamed.

Boy, that impact! Jolted my mind hard!
I slowly came around, with consciousness still jarred.
Familiar the room seems…
Wait! Was that just a dream?
Hmph, that sure was a weird junkyard!

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