Editor’s Letter

– Rijul Nadkarni ( Railways BG ) 

In each one of us , there is an innocent , naive and excitable child . We tend to be so occupied with our daily chores , roles in our organisations and various personal responsibilities that sometimes we forget to unleash this child in us .

It’s important to know that we are gifted with one life and if we don’t live it to the fullest now, when will we? It’s physically impossible to go back to those beautiful instances where we could live a carefree life of fun and frolic, away from the judgments and unsolicited opinions from the people. Well the judgments and unsolicited opinions still exist , but now we take them into accord and allow ourselves to be bothered by it. The plan is to lead a life which gives you peace of mind, immeasurable happiness and a zest for living each day the way you envision.

We should bring the child in us out often or else it directly jumps out when we are at our most vulnerable and the result is not very pretty . In instances of failure , heart break and difficulties it is alright to say to yourself ‘I hear you ‘, ‘You did your best’ , ‘You didn’t deserve this ‘ or even a simple ‘ Thank you’ to heal and nurture your inner child.

I am reminded of a dialogue from the Bollywood movie Tamasha where Ranbir Kapoor in a conversation with the Auto wala said that he placed his foot over the child in him and stamped his childhood. In order to fit into the ‘society’ and image created by others for us, we often leave behind our crazy nuances and enter the race to advance into adulthood. Click the pause button in the remote control of your life, and start living each moment in slow motion. It’s completely okay to be childish sometimes and it’s okay to be enthusiastic, curious and adventurous when you feel like!

Your childhood makes you extraordinary, and helps you to carve  a path of your own. Your child like activities or interests should be celebrated and not be ashamed off. Maturity is all about accepting and rejoicing your immaturity at the right periods of your life. As kids, we didn’t even realize we were making memories since all we knew was that we were having fun. Adulthood should not be the the end of fun .

Child brings to my mind the necessity to take care of your children as the Delhi pollution gets worse by the year. Please wear masks as much as possible until the situation improves .

Stay safe and keep giving us more love through hits , photos and articles and we will keep presenting to you editions , one better than the previous .

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