Aditya Singh, L&T MHPS

With my back to the office chair, caught by the sweet breezes of the after lunch sleep, my eyes arose to find myself having messed up an important document by the playful dance of the unconscious fingers on the keyboard to the tunes of the drowsy melodies.

Pondering over the consequent hard rework that would be required to put in, I couldn’t resist but looking outside through the glass. What I could see was the birds flying high above all the man made tall skyscrapers. Reminiscing the times even my thoughts flew like a bird in the sky where my heart didn’t know any boundaries to dream, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling at the very thought.

The weather taking turns, the clouds soon started pouring their hearts out. The crowd seemed to be looking for a shed. The same rain used to push us to think the opposite way in our adolescence. Back then we were not having wisdom and could not say no to nature’s love.”But now you are all mature, you know how to restrain yourself. So what if you don’t listen to your heart?”, my brain said to me.

The paper planes that flew higher than our imagination, the boats sailing in the rain water, the long awaited summers, the one rupee coin that held more value than a lakh, the carelessly spent afternoons, the final bell of day in school, the aimless walks that lead to friendship, the logicless talks that gave us fun, the times when phones were tied and not we, the lunch box that tasted better than five star stuff, the lies from our true hearts, the countless wishes and much more passed my thoughts as the metro passed over the elevated track as I kept looking across the window pane.

And all this while my fingers kept moving aimlessly on the keyboard as I realised that the document was now beyond correction and I would have to move over with a new document.But I still thought of trying the saviour CTRL+ Z on the document despite realizing the document was messed up big time. And with the nostalgia hitting my mind , I kept on pressing Ctrl+Z. Ah! But I had already come a long way.


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