Adulting –

Vandana Singh- CTP 14

“Adulting” is now an acceptable word, having been in use for over ten years. It is recognized by linguists and dictionary resources. It captures the practice of conducting yourself as a responsible adult; when you’re on the verge of actually becoming an adult – typically in the late teen or early twenties’ years.

For what I can gather, people “adult” for various reasons; in the name of social media, in response to peer pressure, and as a reaction to specific life events. 

I’ll admit to harbouring mixed (some might say judgy) feelings about the phenomenon. Though somehow I am managing the most of it without expecting to have a breakdown soon!

However, adulting is such a subjective term; makes me think about the children of a section of society who have hardly met with the joy of childhood.

For a fact all parents want their children to be happy and to thrive, the social class makes a very substantial difference in how this universal goal is met.

Outside, life’s cadences remain much the same for people like Payal.

Whose mother belongs to a part of faceless, often cited in the statics people. Surviving on a daily wage of 340.95  INR/Day.

How does it feel that one’s existence is a financial burden on her mother? She would never say it, of course, but to see the lines that spread across her forehead when she needs to buy a new pair of uniform for her. when she needs money for books. When she watches her try to figure out how to cover their basic medical expenses. 

She cries herself to sleep on many occasions because of her financial burdens or her parent’s quarrel; she has nightmares of dropping out of school. she is often stressed about her financial situation, and even more, stressed because she has no way to make it better.

The concept of “adulting” is so prevalent on social media nowadays. very often you will find a meme shared saying… #my favourite childhood memory is not paying bills. 

But for her — and for many people who grew up in working-class and poor environment — the opposite is true. 

For many of us, comfortable home, happy family life was a regular thing unlike for those who weren’t as privileged, it’s been a far-fetched since birth.

Undoubtedly, the pressure to succeed is intense for everyone. Our society’s obsession with perfection and optimization raises the stakes even higher. But it is a part of a bigger picture, it’s millions of tiny strokes. Imperfect, irregular, but indubitably part of a greater whole. All we can do is give our one hundred percent to every form of ‘adulting’. 

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Nicely written 🙂

Vandana Singh

Glad you liked it. thank you ! 🙂