The Man in the High Castle – TeleSeries Review

By Barath S. (L&T RBG)

‘The Man In The High Castle’ is a highly underrated, ambitious, unnatural drama happening in an unnatural time and place. It is set to happen in 1962 but not in our familiar 60’s that we know of.

This series is based on Philip K. Dick’s Alternative History/Counterfactual Fantasy novel of the same name, envisions a world where the United States lost World War II and the country is divided, with Nazi Germany running most of the East Coast and Middle America and Japan running the West Coast.

The Rocky Mountains of America serve as a natural border called the Neutral Zone which serves as a buffer zone between the two nations who are experiencing a Cold War. This place is caught in the middle of an uneasy truce that grows more and more uneasy as Nazi ambitions and superior technology meet Japanese corruption and bureaucracy.

There is also a small resistance movement that suffers relentless defeats, but which maintains its motivation and optimism through an underground film reel showing that the Allies actually won the war. 

The map of America as per the teleseries ‘The Man in the High Castle’.

The sheer level of visual detail in this series is thrilling, even before the conspiracies start to unfold. Making a period series is one thing but making it in a period that never existed is even more challenging. 

The show takes its own time moving patiently and it takes a while for characters to develop beyond their initial impressions. This may seem like you cannot binge watch it first but be assured that you will be rewarded later on. Also you won’t be able to watch it while doing anything else, like a sitcom, as the plot is detailed with quite a lot happening in any given episode.

There are very few shows out there that can provide with such content, that while delivering strong criticism and political bias and ‘The Man In The High Castle’ does so without compromising the source material. The Man In The High Castle’s world-building, performances and intrigue make it an ambitious drama that will put Amazon Originals on the map.

‘The Man In The High Castle’ is an Amazon Original Production, available to stream online on Amazon Prime Video, consisting of 4 seasons with 10 episodes each.

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