by Nair Akshay [L&T TIIC Railways]

After a long trek, i encountered something that got me awestruck. Well, as a matter of fact it was just another sunset, but I felt a bit melancholic, in a quest for achievements i was missing on the marvels of mother nature and the fact that i used to value them above most priorities.

A drop of tear rolled down my left cheek as i smiled. Euphoric, that i decided to squeeze through my busy schedule and was able to witness the moment. It struck a harmony within me and boy i was mesmerized.
It got me nostalgic. Back in our childhood days, we used to ride our bicycles to the nearest dam and then return home assuring that “mr. sun” left us safe n sound. I’ve always loved sunsets, sunsets serve as an immediate evidence that ending too can be so ravishing, so aesthetic.

The scenario was indeed peaceful. Although in my opinion, peace doesn’t mean to be in a place where there’s no noise or hinderance but to be in the midst of it and still gather calmness in your heart. But there’s nothing wrong to pursue lands that’d interest your tranquil and satisfaction. You just need to get out there. Cheers!!

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