Winter Essentials

Ayesha Huma (CTP-14)

“Oh Wild West Wind…..”

Yeah, P B Shelley was quite vocal and opinionated about the season in his famous work: Ode to the West Wind”

Wild and uncontrollable, is what the poet associates winter winds with. But for, me winter has come to be better identified with peace and gloom, spreading a dense blanket of silence over the town. And what is winter all about. We all would definitely have some memories of the season, certain rituals like the ‘all blanket no-shower Sundays’. The winter vacation spent wrapped inside blanket or listening to grandma’s stories around bonfire.  The get-together on Saturday nights with friends at home because it was always too windy to go outside. Whether your Christmas eves were spent roaming markets and getting clicked near decorated trees or watching special episodes of television shows with X-mas theme, the advent of winter does make u recall the scenario.

The usual turn of season where your wardrobe slowly remodels itself. The casual chill and breeze during early mornings and late evenings which turn to bitter-cold all day long, this season has, for me, always had the same pattern of events. It’s like I can predict what might happen, since, well, it’s winter that is how it always passes by!

Growing up and shedding the attire of student-life definitely brings a tinge of change. The vacations are replaced by all day office. Home cooked delicacies are replaced by sizzling restraint food ordered on Weekend nights or Mid-week outing. But then some things just refuse to get altered in the ever-changing world.

The comfort of lazy afternoons in basking the sun and blessing the nature, flowing cups of tea and coffee hold the warmth as before. Home cooked Maggi always gets just a bit tastier. The book-lovers, the dreamers, finishing one piece after another while the weather gets comfortable at home on Earth and settles itself down. The glow of golden fire at home, the cozy feeling inside a café or library.

And not to forget the festivity in the air around Christmas and New Year, winter is no less happening, if only you have got the aids to enjoy- a collection of happy memories, a thoughtful mind and a benign, warm heart to melt the snow of despair. Amidst the chill and silence and the wild winds, I hope you find your winter essentials this season.       

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