K.P. Joshi ( Father-in-Law of Nidhi Joshi, L&T MHPS)

Among the birds the “pigeon” enjoys greater esteem of human beings than any of its counterparts, more specifically the bird, having a powerful black beak “the crow”. Some of us, more truly call the pigeon “monk”-seeing its calmness, fearfulness & simplicity. We are very often carried away of its illusionary character of chastity. But undoubtedly, albeit it’s calm & quiet, except the missing of the character-the “chastity”, it has all the virtues of the monk. However the chastity is expected to be the human instinct character exclusively, not from the birds & animals.

The religious institutions of all religions arrange food for pigeons, & consider it as the most pious.

Even till few days back, the Hyderabad Police had been using the pigeons for carrying the official dak from their one defined place to another place, leave aside the stories of the love letters, where the pigeons were carrying for their love ones during the “Mughal era”.

But the pigeon suffer from the “habit forming” that if a cat attacks it, it would shut its eyes, instead of flying (the “Almighty” has bestowed to them with the wings to fly & save its life). There is popularly saying that as by shutting the eyes by the pigeon at that juncture,it thinks that as there is darkness before its eyes, it can’t see the cat & thinks that similarly, there would be darkness before the cat’s eyes too & the cat would not be seeing it, but this habit doesn’t help it in any way, to save its life.

I think it’s all due to the “NERVOUS BREAKDOWN” of it very deeply, that it can’t save its life & falls at the preying of the cat, whereas all animals/ birds/human beings strive hard to save its life, in such situations of physical attack, detrimental to their life, either by fighting or by running away at its best.

Oh pigeon, we all love you.

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