Editor’s Letter

Hello readers,

How have you been? How was the last month? Did you get the time to celebrate love? I so heartily wish you did. But you know what, it does not have to stop with the month.  For without love, where is the colour of life? And if there isn’t any colours in life, do we even live?

For you know, colours not only make the world colourful; they also work upon our emotions – the whole spectrum of it. Grief, sulkiness, joy, serenity, comfort – for each individual their would be a particular shade of colour associated with each of the emotions. Each day we live, we live through emotions, and our life becomes rich through the experiences. But hey, to get the most out of life, let’s make sure that we aren’t looking through a coloured glass!

March comes with the beacon of the festival of colours – Holi, and also with the promise of decorating the world of flora with colours. Let us all take a dip in these festivities of life and look upon the complete spectrum of the world as it exactly is.  Remember, we must not see red only, for we do not want a world devoid of colours waiting for us down the line!

Wishing you all an exuberant life ahead,

Sagnik Biswas,

Editor for the month of March, 2020


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