One… Two… Three…Four…
One foot in, one out of the door,
Four… Three… Two… One…
Down the memory lane I have gone…

Sun was bright when we stepped in first,
Heart as pure as white.
Green as grass, we advanced for
Growing up in a new light.

And hot it was, and scorched it us;
Our green got withered and black.
But we grew bark and learned many lessons,
And hard got all our backs.

Rich fresh knowledge of diverse fields
We absorbed as per taste.
And bloomed our mind in different colours;
And acquired different shades.

As we grew, Hearts got askew,
Till someone made them right.
But a few were not, hence some got lost;
And Head held the rest tight.

Drops of Tears and Sparks of Smile
Decorated the Cake of Life.
Savoured it whole we through and through;
Celebrated with playful strife.

Now Sun is scarlet, Sky pale red;
A complete cycle we’ve come.
From soft copy we turned hardback;
Let’s see what else to become.

With fading light there goes this life;
Thrill ‘n Pain brew a cocktail.
For a new journey there lies ahead,
A chance to leave a new trail.

– Sagnik Biswas (L&T MHPS Boilers)

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