Rise of the Machines

by Shreesha S Bhat (L&T Defence Engineering, Visakhapatnam) It was a secret meeting in a secret hideout. The year was 1998 or thereabouts. [...]


  By S. Rohith Narayanan, son of N.Selvakumar (L&T MHPS) By Manish Mehta (L&T MHPS) By Harshita Jain (L&T Construction) Sketch by Payal Sinha (L&T [...]

POM Winner

Frame being Presented by Mr. Mr. S K Gupta to Enlightenment June’s Picture of the Month Winner. The Winning Entry : June’2018 Frame being Presented [...]


What art offers is space – A certain breathing room for the spirit. ~ John Updike   Scroll on and get a feel [...]