Writer’s Corner

The Storyteller

By Priyarupa Sinha (L&T MHPS) He sat beside the bamboo tree and prepared the cotton candies. Each time he caught my glimpse , his face had an unrestrained glee. [...]

Dear Friend

By Shruti Vairagkar (L&T Howden) My dear dear friend, I have much to say. Yet words we know cannot express what I feel [...]

Being a Father

By: Mayank Jain (LMB) A father is a man who takes responsibility for the children in his life. Many men grow up with [...]


By Prem Prakash Akhauri (Head HR, L&T-MHPS)         Change is an all pervading phenomenon while everything changes around and within [...]

The Beautiful Game

By Rijul Nadkarni (RBG) Football isn’t just a game ; it’s an emotion . The World Cup isn’t about Football. It’s about everything. [...]

Life’s Lessons

By Shruti Vairagkar (L&T Howden) A few days ago, I met one of my oldest friends for lunch. While catching up and talking [...]


By:  Naqeeb Alam (LMB) वो रूठे तो क्यों ना उसे  मनालू क्यों ना अपने बाहो में बसा  लू मेरे दिल में हर पल [...]

फ़रेबी हूँ

By: Anjali Punia, Sister of Ashish Kumar (LMB) क्या हूँ मैं और क्या  हो जाना चाहती हूँ इसी कश्मकश  में उलझी क्या सुलझाती हूँ [...]

इक रोग

By Rajesh Dhiman (LMB) इक रोग हमने लगा लिया l इश्क़े है नाम धरा लिया l फिर ढूंढा अपने पीर को, पर अपना [...]