The movie talks about mysterious properties of water. It talks about the various experiments conducted on water.

1. One life example which was shown in movie:

-South East Asia 1956- Meeting on developing Secret weapons of mass destruction. Suddenly the session breaks off. All members got sick and symptoms showed severe food poisoning but investigation came to a dead end. They had consumed nothing but water. The water was tested. It had no harmful additives added and was simply H2O.

20 years later a hypothesis was put forward by scientists. Hypothesis was that Water has memory.

Many experiments were done and are being done in the same line.

 The movie goes further talking about the various experiments showing that when water is exposed to things or even emotions and thoughts the property changes, although the chemical composition remains the same.

The structure is more important than chemical composition. The structure is how water molecules are organised called clusters. Scientists came to an idea that these structure acts as a memory cell.

2. Another life example is talked about where a ship wreck occurred and people were stranded in the sea in life boat for three weeks. Water supply soon ran out. The captain explained that they started dreaming that water around them is turning from salty water to fresh water and when they tasted it, it was fresh Water.
3. An experiment was done where people were asked to project positive and negative emotions to the water sample which were later tested. Love increased the energy level and increased its stability while fear did the opposite.

Somebody thanked this water


“You Disgust me”
“You Disgust me”

4. Structured water increases the nutrition of plants also.

Science explains how this happens but can’t explain why this happens.

5. The movie also talked about massive structural changes in water in area where nuclear bombs were tested. Also those areas showed increase in number of suicides by 2- 3 times. Medical science had no answer for this. But a point to be noted is that brain is 80% water.
6. A legend is talked about in which a man was imprisoned and was given only stale bread and stinking water. But after 40 days, prisoners observed that not only he didn’t decline in his health but contrary to it became healthier. On enquiry he confessed that he just said a thankful prayer for bestowing the trials on him.
7. In another experiment emulsified crude oil which is a stable combination of water and oil was taken and irradiated with the electromagnetic field which has same intensity as human HEART for 7 days and the result was the complete separation of oil and water in a beaker. Imagine what a heart can do.
8. The energy intensity of a water sample (in Venezuela) which is said to never be in direct contact of humans was found to be 40,000 time more active than normal water. Their people are found to have a longer life span.
9. If a dog is presented an option of choosing mineralized water and water from the springs, it goes towards the spring water.(If a dog can sense, why do we need microscopes)
10. In another recent experiment water was mixed with diesel fuel (20% water, 79% diesel fuel and 1 % emulsifying agent). It showed 5 % increase in energy output with 20% economy.
11. In another experiment, blood test of a person was done. Structure of the RBCs before and after the patient was given structured water changed much and energy levels also rose after that.
12. Prayers produce harmonic structures in water. And food is also majorly water.

Water was also exposed to different type of music.

Music of Bach
Music of Bach
Heavy rock
Heavy rock

13. In another experiment 3 water beakers were taken and rice was put in it.

For 30 days the first beaker was thanked every day, second beaker was told “you are idiot” and third one was totally ignored.  After thirty days first beaker produced good rice with sweet aroma, second was dead black and third was rotting.

14. In one more different experiment, a water sample was divided into 2 parts. One part was subjected to outside influences producing structural changes in it. The other part, which was kept far away, acquired same structure and same properties after some time.
15. Later on it discusses the power of prayer, faith and gratitude. Holy water spilled on dying plant results in reviving of that plant.

Tap Water
Tap Water
Water in church
Water in church


It also discusses how meditation and prayer led people influence weather. In many religions it’s an important ingredient for purification?

If all this is true, then imagine what would be the impact of water pollution on life.

It also talks about self-cleansing property of water during phase changes.

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