FACE OFF – Who is a better captain : Ganguly or Dhoni????

This edition of FACE OFF is from the world of Cricket!

Who do you support, among these two skippers for the title of the BEST CAPTAIN??


Dadagiri vs MahiwayFaceoff comments

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10 thoughts on “FACE OFF – Who is a better captain : Ganguly or Dhoni????

  1. Vignesh, even Pakistan squad apart from Misbah and Shohaib all were under thirty, secondly that time it was totally a new format and in my opinion in a team game we should give credit to the whole team not only the captain for a success and in cricket anything can happen, otherwise who would have thought that in 1983 India will win the Prudential Cup by defeating the mighty West Indies by scoring merely 183!!!!!now should we say the Kapil Dev is better than Dhoni or Ganguly, you are forgetting one thing Dhoni was groomed ynder the captaincy of Mr. Ganguly only, you name the young brigade and all were groomed by Ganguly ,Sehwag, Harbhajan,Yuvi, Zaheer Khan, Md. Kaif, Dhoni, the concept of team was crafted by Ganguly, the Indian team started to realize that ” We also can win”and that is why India won the 2007 t20 world cup because they were having the aggression which were developed by Ganguly with his captaincy, and u need to remember Ganguly has taken the captaincy in a very difficult time in the year 2000 when this match fixing episode was going on, he is the captain who laid India to world cup final after a gap of twenty years in 2003, lastly I want to tell you both are great players, great captain, if Ganguly has made the foundation of new Indian team then Dhoni is carrying the legacy, but at the end being a Bengali I will definitely always have a soft corner for Dada 🙂

  2. Alokesh, in that whole team age of players was less than 30yrs . I am sure you would remember Joginder Sharma from 2007 World cup last over, and Sreesanth too for taking that catch which gave us the world cup. Dhoni himself was inexperienced as a captain in world cricket then, Gautam Gambhir was then a new opener and so was Robin Uthappa. None of them were either as old or as experienced as Tendulkars or Dravids or Gangulys; yet they managed to defeat tough teams and go on to win world cup.

  3. Vignesh,can you tell me who were the young, inexperienced players in Dhoni’s team during the world cup winning?

  4. #Ganguly has created team which Dhoni has got readymade, India was habitual of getting defeated before the match start till Ganguly arrived, building a team with young inexperienced players except three or four palyers is more difficult, by the time Dhoni got captaincy all his players were established. Sourav is the first captain of India which inject the thought into players that we can also win and also a kind of “Itka jawab Patthar se” kind of feeling, without taking away the credit of Dhoni, I think Sourav has built a team which Dhoni is carrying and yes Dada is real Dada because he only can remove his shirt and wave it the balcony of Lords,but one thing I admit Dhoni has got a tremendous luck in Fatka, anyway both are great players in their own way, they have different style of approach as a captain, one is cool and one is aggressive, so I think we should not compare amongst great players.

  5. #Ganguly: In an era where Indian Cricket Team just meant Sachin Tendulkar(in ODIs), Ganguly brought in the concept of ‘Team India’ as we know it today. Bringing in young talents, exhibiting emotions, aggression and passion on the field – Just everything about Team India changed under Ganguly. Agreed Dhoni has many more shining metal pieces on his shelf, but the architect of the modern era of Indian cricket will always be Ganguly. It is surprising that some people feel Dhoni has a better cricketing acumen than Ganguly, since most of the times commentators and experts find themselves baffled with some of the ‘strategic moves’ Dhoni makes during a game. Dhoni may be leading the race with the MIGs and the Supersonics in his team, but Ganguly will always be the ‘Wright Brothers’ of Indian Cricket 😀

    1. Anubhav, u r not studying but checking cricket updates? by the way u have not issued degassing boot calc & dwgs?

  6. #Dhoni: There are many elegant lefthanders to have played for this country, it is not the exclusive preserve of one person and they are all better players than Ganguly. It is a team game after all and playing for personal glory is the least thing on their minds. Besides, I don’t know how this will justify the claim that Ganguly is a better captain! The decision to bowl first on a batting track in the world cup finals was one the worst decision a captain could ever make. He had one of the best line ups in the world. He was fortunate to have good players around him who did their job diligently. Dhoni on the other hand won a world cup with young, new, inexperienced players. That alone should seal the argument in his favour. Strategy wise and field placements have been excellent. He is a better reader of game and his bowling changes are spot on. So there is no doubt that Dhoni is a better captain than Ganguly.

  7. #Ganguly: Captaining a team maimed by match-fixing scandals was a challenging task. Ganguly had not only helped the team recover, but also has a huge contribution in building up a unified “Team India”

  8. #Dhoni: When the God says “Dhoni’s the best captain I’ve played under “ , the debate should end right there . He has numbers to back his claim too . Better Win % , win- loss ratio , batting averages in tests and ODI’s and contributions to a winning cause. Ganguly leads in only test matches away from home . But if you give MS the likes of Sehwag , Dravid , Laxman , Ganguly , Yuvraj and Kumble in the pinnacle of their careers , he would be up there too. No doubt that Ganguly was spirited , attacking and a fighter but sometimes emotion just got the better of him . How many ICC events has Ganguly won ? In crunch situations , in big tournament finals and semi-finals , you’ll have Dhoni remain cool as a cucumber ringing field changes , playing mind games with the opposition and pulling off unorthodox decisions when Ganguly probably would’ve been 7 or 8 finger nails short . Sometimes having such a calming influence rubs onto the other players too and draws the best out of them by settling the nerves. If I can remember , Ganguly himself confessed “ If there was an ODI all time world eleven , Sachin would be my opener and MS Dhoni my captain “ .

  9. #GANGULY Ganguly is the first capatain in Indian cricket history who eradicated regional lobby whether its for team selection or batting order. DADA showed us how to be fearless, aggressive. He first showed being an Indian you need to be felt humiliated when playing with Austarlia. He promoted some young players like Yuvaraj who was the key player of 2011 world cup win. DADA showed the path….MSD followed that, certainly with some improvements.

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