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Some of us ask these questions….

Do all realities exist simultaneously? Who are we? Where do we come from? What should we do? Where are we going? Why are we here? What is reality?


Quantum Physics is a physics of possibilities

Now understanding the world through quantum physics…we ask…

What are thoughts? What is the power of thought?

What if, what we take for granted about the world is simply not true?


We are locked in these precepts without knowing anything about them in current paradigm.

Modern materialism strip people of the need to feel responsible, so does often religion, but Quantum physics puts direct responsibility of everything on us.

Why do we keep creating same realities? Why do we keep creating same relationships?

Is it possible that we are conditioned to daily life that we buy the idea that we have no control over our lives.


We are conditioned to believe that external world is more important than the inner.

The modern science says just the opposite.

It says that Brain does not know the difference in what it sees in the environment and what it remembers.


So it questions: What creates our physical reality?

Our brain processes 400 billion bits of information, but we are really aware of 2000 of those and those are about the environment, body and time.

We match patterns what already exists within us and then perceive the reality.

We create Reality.


(So just like said in matrix – “There is no spoon”. With a difference that here there are no machines. Then what is here? What are we? Just the biochemical things or something more subtle.)


Universe is mostly empty. Even an atom is mostly empty with a nucleus and a cloud of electron. Even the nucleus pops in and out of existence just like the electrons. The thing which quantum physics says with surety is that it’s more like a thought, like a concentrated piece of information.


In quantum theory we can go back in time also.


It says when we are not looking at a thing, there are waves of possibilities. When we are looking, there are particles. It asserts that a particle can be in more than one position at a given time.

Everything around us are waves of possibilities and we choose out of those what we afterwards experience.


Heisenberg has said that atom is not a thing but a tendency.


Quantum physics calculates only possibilities. If we accept this then there comes a question who chooses what among these possibilities to bring an event of experience. So we see that consciousness must be evolved. The observer can’t be ignored.


But who is the real observer?

Science doesn’t have an answer to that. According to them it is not even in the brain.


Every single one of us affects the reality, even if try to get hide ourselves from that and play victim. So if we continue to believe that reality is already there then we are stuck.

But if we accept that we create reality, then we can change first within and then without.


So quantum physics gives possibilities but it can’t give an actual experience.


It says that there are different worlds of atoms and nuclei. They have their own language, own mathematics. Each is different but also complimentary. We are these but we are also our macroscopic physiology. It has its own mathematics. It is all true. These are just different levels of truth. Deepest level of truth covered by science and philosophy is the fundamental truth of unity. At the deepest sub nuclei reality



This is what half the movie tells us but strikes to the point.

Later it goes on explaining how brain doesn’t know the difference between what it sees and what it remembers and how do emotions occur and how we are addicted to them. It also explains how health is affected by these emotions.

It asserts through all these things that we are co-creating our own future.

Quantum mechanics allows for the intangible phenomenon of freedom to be woven into human nature.


We should really test all these things…all these possibilities…


The question is How far down the rabbit hole do we want to go?


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