The Shoe – Video

From this edition we are starting a video blog, which will showcase the short videos made by L&T-ites and their family members at various locations.

Presenting to you a short video made by fellow L&T-ites of SDDC, E&A, Powai.

“The Shoe” is the symbol of corporate life. While living this corporate life, we often tend to forget our “life”. This short video enunciate that very feeling. Happy watching…

Biplab Chattopadyay
Grishma Dand
Bonny Antony
Niharika Kodare
Abhishek Panicker

SDDC, E&A, Powai

3 thoughts on “The Shoe – Video

  1. Dear all from SDDC, E&A, Powai

    Enjoyed watching it… subtle message beautifully shown… looking forward to many more of these from you guys!!!

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