Love By Deal!!

By: Pritha Bannerjee (LT MHPS)

A short Love Story in today’s app-world!!

Both Rimi and I had recently shifted to Delhi-NCR for our new job. Coming from the same home town, we both connected pretty well and decided to shift together. We started looking for a house and finally found one 3BHK on rent near the office. Settling in a new city was never a hectic job for both of us having so many friends around us. So shifting to that new house, arranging for utensils, furniture, or anything was a one day’s job done followed with a dinner party at late night.

So, within one month we both were happily settled in a new city, with a new job and a new address. Though the everyday routine became boring! No more searching for houses, no more exploring new dhabas at night for food, no fun outside. We used to reach apartment in time, cook food for ourselves, and go to bed. Maximum fun was watching a movie on laptop. As the collection of movies was about to finish, we realized the need of the hour – a television. But keeping in mind, our low budget we thought of going for a second hand. So OLX ki Jai! Again our search began. This time, for entertainment.


Sometimes after office and sometimes during weekend, we would search for sellers and visit their houses to check the TV condition.

It was a Sunday, as I recall when I found an ad on OLX with an address very close to our apartment. I called up and spoke to a guy named Yash. He sounded well versed with the information about his television and was ready to negotiate also. So we decided to visit him on the same day at evening.

Hi! Yash? Paromita here. Remember, I called you up in the morning regarding TV? We are almost there in Sec 28. Can you please explain the exact location of your house again?

Ya sure. Where are you exactly right now?

Near Shani Mandir…

Oh, Okay! Then you are almost there. Just take a left turn and the third house on your right. That’s our Kapoor Villa.

Okay!! Got it…

A tall handsome guy, in his casual tee and track suit, sporting a stubble on his face, greeted us with a smile and a cute dimple on his left cheek.

 Hi!! I am Paromita. I spoke to you in the morning. She is my room-mate, Rimi.

Hi Rimi.. Hey come in. Maa, they are here. Please come, I’ll show you the TV…

Here it is. That’s the remote. You can turn it on and check the sound as well as the picture quality.

Ya, it’s in good condition. Why are you selling it then?? Because it isn’t even an old model.

Actually, we bought an LED last month, bigger screen. Come, I will show you. It is inside in the next room.

Oh, wow!!! Nice house, by the way…

Thanks… So tea or coffee?

Oh, OLX seller offers beverages too for their customers? Nice service, I must say!!!

(With a laugh) Hey, be comfortable. You are our guests, not just a customer. Be seated. Mom will join you soon. Excuse me…

 Yash left us alone in a big hall room at the centre of their house from where we could see the rooms on the first floor. It was a pretty big house with a classy decor and expensive furniture. We both eventually forgot about the TV and were very much impressed by the interiors of the house and started our gossip on that. Soon a lady in mid 50’s joined us with a baby in her lap. She, as we understood was Yash’s mom. Seeing the baby, we both were curious.

She introduced herself, and also told us about her family. The baby was Aryan, son of Yash’s elder brother. Knowing that, both Rimi and I looked at each other with a smile. The good news was… Yash still unmarried! She asked us of our whereabouts too. After a long time being away from home, it was a wonderful feeling to be amidst a family. They all were very nice to us. Finally, after finishing our snacks and tea, we discussed about price and it was so kind of them that they readily accepted whatever we offered. We both were behaving like happy kids that we finally got a TV, a good one and at a good deal. I was busy playing with Aryan while Rimi was busy with cash transaction.

Yash dropped us home along with the TV, in his car. He even came up carrying the TV set and placed it with care on our table. We thanked him for his help, after which he left.

At night, suddenly my phone vibrated. In today’s world of Whatsapp, I was a bit surprised to see a text message from a number other than the service providers. It was Yash saying “It was a nice first time experience of selling goods via OLX”.

The next day, I received another message, “hope you are not finding any problem with the TV”. I thought to reply to him. But I replied via Whatsapp, thus adding him as my contact.

The connection is not set yet. So yet to enjoy watching TV.

Oh, okay. Nice DP by d way!!


So, what do you do in Faridabad?


Oh that’s great. I thought you are a student.

What about you?

Same!! I’m working too.

Lucky, that u stay at home. Life becomes easy!!

True… But certain disadvantages are also there, like no freedom, no adventure…

Lol!! U seem to be upset staying at home.

Ya, after hostel life, coming back to a disciplined life seems tough…

Hmm, I can understand… Anyway, bye. Got to go for a meeting

 By the end of the week, we finally arranged for Dish TV connection and were all set to start our TV when we suddenly realized that the remote was not with us. I immediately called up Yash and enquired about the TV remote. He confirmed that it was still with them. We planned to meet on Sunday again at evening in the nearby Pristine mall to take the remote from him.

At afternoon, I got a message,

Are you going to come alone or with your room mate?

I don’t know! Let’s see. Why? Any specific reason for asking this question?

No, nothing like that. Just asking you if we two could meet for coffee?

Oh, I see! Sure, why not. But how does my roommate’s presence matter?

Nothing yaar!! Let’s meet. That’s all.

Ya sure…

On Sunday, we both went to meet him for the remote. Rimi was more interested in meeting him again. She liked his smile. I won’t deny that even I liked his million dollar smile with the dimple on one cheek. The meeting was short and sweet. We didn’t wait for tea or coffee as we already had other plans. We took the remote and bid him goodbye. No coffee, no ‘chit-chat’!

 Soon after we left, my phone buzzed to show I had received messages on Whatsapp. It was him.


What happened?

Yaar, I wanted to talk to you, sit with you for a while.

Why? Anything wrong? U sound low. Did anything happen? How can I help?

No, nothing as such. Just wished to know you more…

Oh, Really?? Any reason for such “wish”?

Hmm… Definitely!!

May I know what the reason is?

I feel interested…

In wat?


OMG! U seem to b very direct with your words and answers. Bold attitude!!

What’s wrong in saying the truth? I can’t pretend and am dying to meet u again!

Giggling, I replied, Sorry to hurt you. But I don’t wish to meet you again…

Why?? What’s wrong in meeting? You can try and find out some time for me…

LOL!! Ya sure. Why not. I was just thinking that meeting u might mean some problem with the TV. I don’t want that.

Hey, can we please stop thinking ourselves as just a buyer and seller? Can’t I be your Friend?

Ya Sure… My OLX wala friend..

LOL… By d way, seriously thanks to OLX. I got to know someone like you.

Hmm… Good night.

Good night, dear!


The conversation with him definitely brought smile on my face. I was enjoying his attention, his impatience on my silence. I was also curious about his interest in me. What else did he want to know about me! Every day during lunch time we used to chat about the day’s activities and after office we used to talk and know more about each other. Eventually, we discovered a common interest – MUSIC! Late night calls started including a musical session. We both would sing together on phone, he would play guitar at times. We started liking each other’s company and enjoyed spending time together.

Finally we decided to meet. On a date! My OLX wala friend. I was so excited. Rimi was more excited. She was so happy when I told her the entire thing. Although at first, her reaction to the situation was dramatic… “How could you be so mean to me? How could you not let him be mine? Why did you not ask him to take me out for a date as well? Blah.. blah..!!”

So, after a month or more, again on a Sunday we met at the same nearby mall and then we drove to Delhi for dinner. It was a nice date, a cute and definitely a special one. I was impressed to see his warm gesture and his decent attitude towards a girl. He made me feel very comfortable with him. After dinner, we sang aloud while driving back home. It was indeed a remarkable date with loads of happiness. Then, at the end came the romantic part of the night. We reached near my apartment. He stopped the car a bit away. It was late at around 10:30 pm or more and no one was around on the chilly cold night. Yash got down from the car and opened my door. He pulled me out of the car, holding my hand, bent on his knee and proposed to me with flowers. It was the special moment when I guess no girl can say no. I was happy to get that affection from him and considered myself lucky to be “the girl of the moment”. I readily accepted his proposal. The night ended with a hug and a goodnight kiss.


This Valentine’s Day will be our first together and he has planned a surprise for me, something special.

So, here I am, Paromita sharing my love story with you and wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s day.

Dear friends, one advice: Keep yourself updated with apps! Stay connected and keep buying old things. Who knows, what new that old thing brings with it to your life??

At the end, a big thanks to OLX for providing me “my OLX-wala friend”.


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