Lets stay together!

By- Pritha Bannerjee (LT MHPS)

Payel and Rahul were residents of the same colony in Mumbai. They met during morning walks inside their colony. Both stayed without their families, for their jobs. They soon became good friends. However, they rarely found time for each other due to their busy day-to-day schedule. They travelled a long distance for work. Tired after the day, they never succeeded in planning anything together. In short, that half an hour in the morning was their only time together. Gradually, they went out for movies or dinner during weekend. They enjoyed the company of one another . Soon, love was in the air.  It was almost after three to four months, that they planned for a weekend tour together. It was a splendid experience for both. The place, the rains, the boating, the chill in the air, everything was an added flavor to their romantic trip. Rahul proposed to her and she readily replied “I love you too!”

After returning from tour, their daily schedule changed a bit. It included late night calls and hence morning walk was out of their schedule. They now  travelled  together for work and often met for lunch outside office as their work places were close by.

One day while having lunch together, Rahul said, We are together almost throughout the day. Even during work, we call, we text. But still I miss you. I want more of you and your time”.

Payel blushed: “What happened? Why are you trying to be so romantic all of a sudden?”

Rahul objected: “What do you mean by that? I am always romantic sweetheart

Payel: So what can we do to be together?”

Rahul: Let’s stay together!”

Payel : What?” Are you completely out of your mind?”

Rahul: “No. I am serious!”

Payel: “It’s impossible!”

Rahul: Oh please now don’t give me the crap that you mind thinking about society and all those sh*its

Payel: “No, not that!”

Rahul: Then what? You have problem to stay with me?? Don’t worry, I don’t fart much. I don’t Snore high

Payel laughed aloud and said I am not going to wash your clothes ever.”

Rahul: Done. Deal accepted

Payel: I won’t cook alone

Rahul: Haa babu! I will stay with you for spending more time with you, not to offload my personal works!”

Payel with a pause:So where are we moving in tonight? My place or yours?”

Rahul hugged her and was going to kiss her: Wherever you say jaaneman!”

live-togetherPayel controlled him and blushed. She was a bit tensed, not so sure about the decision, but at the same time she was excited to think about the plan! Second half in office was completely different for her. She was thinking about it. Advantages! Disadvantages! Risks! What if someone in her family comes to know! What if something seriously bad happens! How can she trust him so easily! What if she is misused! Suddenly, a message arrives.

It was from Rahul: Waiting for tonight! Thinking of holding you in my arms and having a peaceful sleep together. Thanks for trusting me Payel. You have given me the best gift, a lover can give. People spend years to get that trust from a girl. You felt my love and trusted me. That’s the best thing. I promise, I won’t break that trust ever. I promise not to hurt you. I love you“

As if, she got all her answers. She felt so happy reading it. She was finally happy, no more confused but fully excited.

It was 7pm. They met near the station. Both of them were silent while returning. They entered the colony.

Rahul: Babu, Give me 10 minutes. I will pack my bag with few clothes for now and come to you as soon as possible!”

Payel: No! I don’t wanna leave you for a second. Can I come with you?”

Rahul, “Areh! What happened to you? If you are not feeling comfortable, then we can drop the plan. I won’t mind.”

Payel: No!! Not that! I want to be with you. I want to see your place once!”

Rahul: Oh! That’s alright. Surely you can come with me

Entering the house, she was surprised to see a well maintained house. She was happy to see that. They had tea together. He packed clothes, other necessary things and few DVDs. He locked the door and both of them reached her apartment. Beautifully decorated with small and pretty items, minimum furniture, many books, a DVD player with a high quality Sound system and photos all over the walls. Rahul was happy to see that they have similar tastes. They had ordered dinner from outside. They had a long chats while  sitting together in the top floor balcony, hugging each other. Then after having ice cream, they went to the bedroom. The best part of their plan, the one they both were excited about. It was an awesome start.

stay-togetherThe first experience of being together, sharing bed, bathroom; sleeping together, waking up together; the first experience of staying together like ONE, depending on each other, responsible for each other, planning involving each other, working together, enjoying together, small fights together, making up with each other, all these made them look like a nice cute and happy couple. Their bond was so strong that they could not think off leaving each other even for a day. They enjoyed every single day. They lived happily together. But neither of the two ever asked for any commitment from the one another.  They didn’t even think about it. Their relationship was like that of a married couple,  who see their future together, with the only difference that it was ‘Socially or legally undeclared’.

In this cute love story, here comes the twist, when marriage comes in to the discussion.

Well said by author, Chetan Bhagat, –

“Boy loves girl. Girl loves Boy.

Girl’s family has to love boy. Boy’s family has to love girl.

Girl’s family has to love boy’s family. Boy’s family has to love girl’s family.

Girl and boy still love each other. They get married.”

 Here, in this case, there were not too many steps as above! But definitely few of these were the cause!

(After nearly 6 months of staying together) On a Sunday morning, Payel and Rahul were having breakfast. Rahul was busy surfing TV channels.

Suddenly Payel started the conversation with: What do you think about getting married?”

Rahul: Why, are you planning to get married? Is your family searching for any guy?”

Payel, a bit shocked by his reply: What do you mean by that? I was thinking about our marriage. You and me!”

Rahul: “Hey! Wait!! Are you completely out of your mind? When did this come into picture? Did I ever say anything like this to you?”

Payel: “No, you never said anything. That’s why I am asking you today! Why are you so much surprised? Did I say anything wrong? It’s been more than a year now, we know each other. Since last six months, we stay together. So what’s the problem in getting married?”

Rahul: “Payel, listen. Please let’s not discuss about this and spoil our Sunday. Let me make myself very clear about this! I cannot marry you.”

Payel: “Why can’t you? Are you not happy with me?”

Rahul: “Babu, it’s not about being happy or unhappy with you! I can’t tell my family about you. They won’t agree to it.”

Payel: “We can talk to our parents. We can make them understand. Give me a chance. I promise I will impress your parents. I will show them that I can be your perfect wife and their perfect daughter-in-law! I know, my parents won’t object! They already know about you!”

Rahul: “What? You have already told them that you live with a guy?”

Payel: “No, Obviously not! But, yes. They know that I love you and you love me too. We are in a relationship.”

Rahul: “You didn’t tell me this earlier! Why did you tell them about us? Since when are you planning for this? You didn’t discuss with me ever! Everything was going good! Why do you need marriage to come into the scene?”

Payel: “Okay! If not now. Then when? Do you need more time? I am fine with it! I am ready to wait for you. But don’t say No!”

Rahul: “It’s not about time Payel. I know my family. They are not going to accept a girl from a different community. So it’s not worth trying! Please don’t misunderstand me. If I had known this earlier, I would have never come close to you! I never asked for any commitment from you. It was an open relationship from the very first day. We used to enjoy being together, that’s the reason we are together. That’s what I used to think. Rather that’s what I still believe. All of a sudden, you cannot ask for commitment! I can’t give you my future!”

Payel: “How can you say no so firmly without giving it a try even?”

Rahul: “No, I can’t do that. Please let’s not talk about it! I request you“ He left the room.

Payel, perplexed could not think of anything. She could not react properly. She could not say anything. She was not sure whether to cry or to shout, whether to fight with him or make him understand. She did not move a bit. She was in a shock. Before asking the question in the morning, she was unsure about his reply but she definitely  did not expect what he had just said to her.

After a while, Rahul came back to the room and tried to behave normally. “Hey! What are we preparing today for lunch? Payel, finish with your breakfast. Get up dear! Don’t think much! Let’s go out for movie today!” He came close and tried to hold her hand!

Payel pushed him away and left the room. She locked herself in a room. She cried. She shouted. She threw away things. She hurt herself.  Rahul tried to calm her down, tried to talk to her, tried to make her understand. But, in vain. It was 6pm. She was still inside, completely silent. He was tensed from outside. He was worried whether she is okay inside or not! He broke through the door and entered the room to see Payel lying on the floor with her hand cut with blade. Blood all over the floor. He was scared and tensed. He recollected his senses and took her to the hospital. Thankfully, she was out of danger . Her parents were informed. They came and took her back to her own home in Kolkata.

Rahul, tried a lot to contact her after that. But she never responded. He was informed by her office colleague that she has taken transfer to New Delhi and stays there with her elder brother.

Today, almost after a year, Rahul is getting married. Since morning, he has called Payel several times hoping that she will pick his call. He is waiting for one reply to his numerous messages. But Payel never answered. He has informed her about his marriage through mail. Suddenly, he receives a mail. It was from Payel.

Rahul never cried after Payel left him. But today, he realized his mistakes and could not control his tears!

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