Love that Stays with you forever!

By: Pritha Banerjee (LT MHPS) 

Hi Friends,

Wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day. Be with your love, if he/she is with you. If not, love yourself this time with the hope to be with your love next year. This time, I have one more love story for you. It’s a old love story which did not have a happy ending. But, is the love still alive in their heart? Let us find out more about the love story of Rahul & Anjali.

Rahul: “Hey! I have reached Nehru Place Metro Station… Where are you?”

Anjali: “On my way.. In a cab!”

Rahul: “Cab? Why not metro?? Anyways, how long will you take?”

 Anjali: “10 to 20 mins”

Rahul: “Okay! I am waiting here in Epicuria, the food court at Nehru Place Metro Station.  Let me explore the place till then.”

Anjali: “Yeah.. Sure! But nothing new to explore I guess.”

Rahul: “Hmm.. Come soon Baccha!”

Anjali: “Yup!”

After the phone call, suddenly a smile came to Anjali’s face. Now, she was excited to meet Rahul after a long time. Maybe, the ‘baccha’ made the difference. She realized how much she has missed that. Last Thursday, when she received a sudden call from Rahul after almost three years, she was in a complete dilemma. When she told Abhi, it was he who insisted “You should go and meet him.”

Anjali: “Why should I, after so many years?”

Abhi: “See, he still remembers you! That’s why!”

Anjali: “You must be the first husband in this world who is forcing his wife to go and meet her ex love”

Abhi: “Sweetheart, That’s because I want you to believe for the rest of your life that you have lost only a stone and got a diamond like me!”

[Rahul & Anjali, ‘best friends forever’, ‘the college couple’, ‘the best singing jodi in the campus’, ‘the ideal and perfect love birds’, as described by their college batch mates were together with each other for all the four years and even after college. Being together was the only thing they used to do other than their regular routine work. Being from different departments, other than classes, very rare they were seen single. They got placed in the same company. So, after college they shifted to the same city, both away from home for the first time. Even in between the small fights, the love and care for each other made the relationship grew stronger with time. It was almost two years after they both had settled in Delhi, when their family came in between them. Anjali’s parents came to know about them and opposed to their relationship. At the same time, Rahul’s family also started planning for his marriage within their own caste. The uniqueness in their relationship was that they didn’t fight much, didn’t force, neither did they stop each other from departing. And that was the end of a six year old love story. They silently ended their relationship, without giving it a try even for once. Rahul got married soon after that and within a few months shifted to his home town to start his own business. Anjali got married in the next year and stays in Delhi, still working in that same company.]

Anjali: “Where are you?”

Rahul: “Here inThe Chatter house’ ”

Anjali: “Okay! I am coming!”

Anjali takes a deep breath and enters the café wearing a beautiful Saree, with a smile on her face. He was sitting in their favourite corner seat just below the CCTV camera. Seeing her, he gets up from his seat for a hug. Today they didn’t sit beside each other, but face-to-face.

Rahul: “You are looking pretty, as always!”

Anjali: “Thanks. But you look like an old business man. Not a prince charming anymore!”

Rahul: “[laughing out Loud] I am an old man now!”

Anjali suddenly remembered what Abhi had said. So a rough score sheet was on her mind. Now the score stands like: Abhi: 1, Rahul: 0. Abhi is still handsome and always in style. Honestly, I do feel jealous when other girls stare at him.

Anjali: “Yeah! Surely you are!”

 Rahul: ‘So, How’s life?”

Anjali: “Good! What about you? When did you come to Delhi?”

Rahul: “Day before yesterday.”

Anjali: “Business or any other reason?”

Rahul: “Yes, I came here to sign a deal! Yesterday, I met with my client and discussed about the project. Tomorrow I will sign it and leave Delhi.”

Anjali: “Oh! You sound so much like a- businessman. Congratulations dear.”

Rahul: “Wait. The deal is not yet signed.”

Anjali: “Don’t worry! It will be!”

Rahul: “Yeah! If you say so. As always, you have been lucky for me.”

Anjali: “Oh God! Don’t involve me in this…”

Rahul: “You yourself know how much your words affect me! When you used to be angry with me, everything used to go wrong that day.”

Anjali: “See, you are blaming me for all the wrong things”

Rahul: “NO, Baccha! I am just telling you that your support matters.”

Anjali: “After three years, this does not make any sense. Anyways, here you have come with your family or alone?”

Rahul: “Of course alone yaar! See, I had planned to meet you. So didn’t bring my wife along.”

Anjali: “So, you mean you didn’t tell your wife that you are going to meet your ex-love!”

Rahul: “Of course not! Are you mad? I don’t even know how she will react!”

Now, the score card stands like: Abhi: 2, Rahul:  Still 0. Abhi and Anjali are very much loyal to each other. They know every person in each other’s life. Nothing is hidden in between them. They enjoy sharing secrets.

Anjali: “Then you shouldn’t have met me. I did inform my husband that I am going to meet you.”

Rahul: “So, why didn’t you bring him along with you?”

Anjali: “He has left for a tour today”

Rahul: “Okay! Good to know that you are happy in life. I have always wanted you to be happy because you deserve that.”

Anjali: “Let’s eat something”

Rahul: “You want food? Oh! Have you left drinking?”

Anjali: “So, you were planning to drink? I didn’t think about it. No, I still drink with Abhi!”

Rahul: “Yaar, I am not going to be harmful to you. I thought we will try to live our old moments again! That’s why I came here. Please don’t be a spoil-sport”

Anjali: “Okay! I will drink just to give you company.”

Rahul:” That’s like my Baccha! So, beer? Right? Or taste changed with Mr. Abhi?”

Anjali: “Oh! Come on. He is not a dominating husband like you.”

Rahul: “Aaah! Again, a complain. I was missing this!”

Anjali: “Why? Your wife doesn’t complain about anything? You love her so much?”

Rahul: “No, she does complain about everything, like a typical wife. Just that you are complaining even after three years!”

Anjali: Oh! Can’t I anymore complain? Only your wife can. That’s not done!”

Rahul: “Hey Bhagwan! No one can win with you in word.”

Anjali: With a smile, “Lets place the orders.”

Their old favorites from the Happy hour menu: Veg platter and two beers (one plus one free) were ordered.

Rahul: “Don’t worry! I will drop you home. You will be safe.”

Anjali: “Yeah! I know! I am fine and will be even after one beer. So, don’t worry coz I am not worried!”

Rahul: “So tell me about office. How’s everyone?”

Anjali: “It’s going good. Same old projects we are working on. One new project is about to start.”

Rahul: “other than projects, what about the extracurricular activities? How are they going on now?”

Anjali: “Going good! Listen, have you met me to know about office and work place? Then, I am leaving! Uuuff!”

Rahul: “Areh, no baccha! Okay! Let’s talk about ourselves. ‘Khush’? Tell me why did you sit there and not beside me?”

Anjali: “Just like that. Nothing intentional. Why? Do you want me to sit there? Okay I can come now!”

Rahul: giving her space, “Remember? We used to come here once every week during happy hours and have beers?”

Anjali: “Most of the time you used to be drunk and kiss me while walking out of the café, and I used to control”

Rahul: “No, you never tried to control. You used to be drunk too! Don’t lie now. “

Anjali: “I used to control till your car. Not, after that! [laughing]”

Rahul: “We used to start in my car and end in your flat.”

Anjali: “Not always, but yes! Most of the time.”

Rahul: “We used to have so much fun together. It was always happy moments with you. I try not to think about those days. I try my best not to remember you. But, when I do, I only smile and don’t be sad.”

Anjali: “Ya, I do remember you many a times, in office or if I visit a place in Delhi, where I have been with you. But, to be honest, I don’t always smile. I feel like hating you.”

Rahul: “Hey Bhagwan! Even three years wasn’t enough for you to forget all these. You have to fight with me today also?”

Anjali: “No, I don’t want to fight with you. Just telling you how I used to feel, being in the same place but without you. You left me alone!”

Rahul: “Baccha, Don’t say like that!”

Anjali: “I miss this ‘baccha’ name”

Rahul: “Ole!” And what else did you miss?”

Anjali: “Food prepared by you. Your special maggi, tea, tomato sabzi! Singing with you.. any time and every time, dancing with you! ”

Rahul: “Now, I don’t prepare anything.”

Anjali: “Hmm. Good. Do you still have my gifts? Do you use them anymore? The watch, the mug? Do you wear those clothes?”

Rahul: “Yes, I have them. I do use if I find them. Not regularly but do use them.”

Anjali: “Good to know that you haven’ thrown them out of your life like you did to me”

Rahul” Baccha, not again!”

Anjali: “You are still so unromantic and bad. See, even after three years, you didn’t bring any gift for me. Today, I was expecting something from you.”

Rahul: “Areh Yaar! You know me. What do you want? Tell me. I will buy for you. “

Anjali: “Oh, Thanks. Leave it!”

Rahul: “hahaha. See, you are still fighting with me like a sweet little baby. Bring gifts! Prepare maggi! You are soo bad Rahul! You left me alone! Bla bla bla.. !! ”

Anjali: “Okay. Fine! I won’t speak to you anymore.”

Rahul holding her with two hands tightly, “Baccha, I missed you yaar! Thank God, I am seeing you today after such a long time. I am not saying that I am not happy in life. I am very happy with my wife, so are you with your husband. But, just that I miss you at times. You are very close to my heart. I still love you and will always do. Please don’t hate me and don’t ever be upset. Always keep a smile on your face.”

Anjali: “No, you are lying. You don’t miss me!”

Rahul: “Hey Bhagwan! You are still in a mood to fight with me? Okay! Carry on!”

Anjali: “No, leave it. Today, at least you tried to make me feel important. Earlier, you have always behaved as if I have never been anyone for you ever. That used to feel so damn bad. Now, it feels much better!”

Both of them were silent for the next few moments. They kept looking at each other and could feel the love for each other. Both, conscious enough controlled each other and tried not to kiss.

Anjali broke the silence humming to the tune of: “Mera kuch samaan, tumhare paas para hai!..”

Rahul: “I miss your songs a lot, if not anything else!”

Anjali smiled. “Shall we eat anything else?”

Rahul: “No, I guess! I don’t think we should eat anything!”

Anjali said in her mind: How can he just decide based on his requirement? She again came back to the present day and updated her Score card: Abhi: 3, Rahul: 0.

Anjali: “Okay! So let’s leave then. It’s late now!”

Rahul: “Okay! Do you have any other plans after this?”

Anjali: “No, not really! But, since we are done with our drink and platter, let’s move out!”

Rahul: “Yeah, sure!”

Rahul paying the bill comes out of the café along with Anjali. While walking out of the food court, they tried to reminisce few old moments together at Nehru Place. Rahul offered her a drop, but she insisted to go alone. So, she left him at Nehru place Metro Station, leaving a smile on his face. Standing there for a few more minutes before he could leave, Rahul was thinking of the same thing what Anjali was thinking, sitting inside the cab.

Is she better? Would life have been better, if I was with her? Or am I happier now? Did I actually leave her alone? Thank God, at least she doesn’t hate me. She misses me too. I am still someone to him. Even three years couldn’t make her forget me. And many more thoughts came to his mind.

Anjali was also confused about her score card. If Abhi scored more than him, then how come I was happy to meet him? Why do I still remember him? Why could I still enjoy with him? Abhi loves me so much. He is the best partner, one can have. But still why do I miss Rahul at times? Why didn’t I fight with him today and slap him for leaving me without giving any closure to the relationship?

After the meeting, both could realize the fact that even a three year long gap, even after being out of sight; they do still feel the love for each other, though with no new hope of being together again! Maybe, that’s because all love does not get a proper end. Sometimes love for one person stays with you forever.

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  1. Beautifully articulated story-line and nice piece of anecdote pertaining to valentine edition…However, quoting a lines from a lyrical song of great Indian Philosopher Kabiguru R. N.Tagore “Tomaro ashime pranomono loye, jotodure aami Dhayyi / Kothao dukkho,……, kothao bichhedo nai ….” to express my view on the superb concluding paragraph written by the article author; as my own words may not suffice the purpose.

  2. Brilliant job done Pritha!!! I have always wondered how you tell simple episodes with such ease which leave the readers with a nice love story. The title of Loveguru does suit you.

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