A walk alone!

By Pritha Banerjee, L&T MHPS

Suddenly the annoying sound of the alarm clock went off. She tried to stop it in her half-awake state, looking at the clock; it read 6:30 in the morning. Today Arushi  didn’t feel like getting up. Usually, by now she had brushed, took her medicine and had entered the kitchen to prepare tea. She picked up her mobile phone and flicked through it to check her mails. Just when she received a call from her mother-in-law!


Mummyji: Good morning beta..

Arushi: Good morning mummy..

Mummyji: Beta, has papa taken his medicine? Yesterday he forgot. So please remind him.

Arushi: Ok, mummy

Mummyji: Are you ready for office?

Arushi: Not yet. I am yet to get up

Mummyji: Why so late? Are you ok?

Arushi: Yes mummy. I am fine..

Mummyji: OK, take care beta

Arushi: You too, mummy. Bye

Lying on bed she disconnected the phone, her eyes wide open. Some days she didn’t feel like doing anything, it’s was a similar feeling today.

With a blank expression, she continued staring at the ceiling.

Arushi- a Delhi girl in her early thirties, married to a high-flying entrepreneur, herself being employed as a project manager in a reputed tech start-up. So, stress at work, daily chores, family responsibility, were part of her daily life.

8:00 am: She got up to open the window curtains.

Got freshen up and made tea for herself and papa. Gave him medicine. Picked up the newspaper and went back to the room.

She was going through the newspaper when the phone rang. It was Ayan

Ayan: Good morning… Are you in Office?

Arushi: No. At home.

Ayan: Why? Anything wrong?

Arushi: No. nothing.  Just thinking of taking a break..

Ayan: Hey! Its 14th Feb today. Happy Valentine’s Day to my love and the world’s best wife!

Arushi: Hmm.. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.

Ayan: Listen, I have a hectic schedule today. I will ring you later.

Arushi: Ok. Take Care. Bye.

Ayan: You too. Bye!

Arushi was feeling tired and agitated. A much needed break was long overdue. She decided to take the day off. Made few official calls and switched off her phone.

Today, it was her day. She wanted to spend some time with herself. She wanted to pamper herself.. She wanted to get rid off all her responsibilities today and live for herself. First thing that came to her mind was a relaxing body massage.

“Happy Valentine’s day to Me!” She said, looking at the mirror and got prepared for her day alone.

As she left home, her 1st destination was a Salon. After pampering herself to a relaxing massage, she was feeling refreshed. But she needed more. It was time to treat herself to a lovely lunch. All her favourites were in the menu. She couldn’t have all. But didn’t miss to taste.

It was already 5 O’clock in the evening when she came out of the restaurant thinking about enjoying a movie alone. But then, that was not what she wanted. So, what’s next?

For once, she thought, shall I go back? No! Her mind answered.

She started walking alone through the street. She entered the air-conditioned mall and spent the next half an hour window-shopping.

Tired, she sat down for a Coffee. She was happy to be with herself. Singing to herself and dancing along sitting, she was completely enjoying her walk alone! So many things were going on in her mind.

An attractive guy was sitting on the next table, and she couldn`t resist taking a look.

The guy caught her glancing and quickly looking away. His heart almost missed a beat when their eyes met the next moment. He mustered all his courage and approached Arushi.

Gaurav: Happy Valentine’s Day to you Ma’am.

Arushi: Same to you. But we don’t know each other!

Gaurav: Hi! I am Gaurav. Now, you know me. May I? (He sat down next to her.) So on V-Day, are you celebrating alone?

Arushi: Yes, sort of! What about you?

Gaurav: Same here..

Arushi: Do you generally go to any unknown girl alone and talk?

Gaurav: Laughing, No. Not generally! Today it’s special! He said that with a wink!

Her coffee arrived. They were very comfortably talking to each other for the next half an hour, nothing specific.

Arushi: What’s your plan now?

Gaurav: I was thinking of dancing to loud music. You may join if  you’re okay!

Arushi thought in her mind, its been so long she wanted to do that. But Ayan never took her to any club. Today, she can. But, with an unknown person, she hesitated to say yes firstly.

Finally, they went to a pub and enjoyed to the fullest. For a while, she realised that sometimes  it’s easy to enjoy with an unknown. Tired, they sat down in one corner. They found many diverse topics to talk about. None interfered in their personal space. Neither were they curious. It was 9.30 at night.

Arushi: I think I should take a leave now. You continue!

Gaurav: Hey! Its enough for me too. Let’s move.

They walked for a while till the Cab arrived.

Arushi: So, it’s time to say bye and good night.

Gaurav: Yes. Thanks for trusting me and coming here. It was nice meeting you.

Arushi: Same here. Though you came in between me and myself. But I enjoyed thoroughly.

Gaurav with a laugh: Sorry for disturbing your loneliness. Honestly, it was fascinating to watch you. You seemed very joyous and a jubilant heart  I was curious.

Arushi couldn’t resist to blush. Finally, she said goodbye and left. They didn’t exchange numbers or any details.

She left the cab at a distance much before her house and took a walk alone pondering about Ayan, family, office, friends, her disappointments, her distresses, all negative and positive aspects of life was clear to her today! She was clear in her mind about her needs and desires! She felt confident and happy. Then, Gaurav came to her mind. She blushed again.

She reached home. Everything was calm inside but her mind still excited. She skipped dinner and went off to sleep.


5 thoughts on “A walk alone!

  1. Very nice and intriguing write up. Gripping till the end…Its everyone’s life nowadays. And I can’t differ more. Only if I can also bunk a day in my life like arushi

  2. Very nice and intriguing write up. Gripping till the end…Its everyone’s life nowadays. And I can’t differ more. Only if I can also bunk a day in my life like arushi

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